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Gmaster Forming has over 15 years of experience in commercial and residential concrete forming in Kelowna, Vernon, Okanagan and across Western Canada. Gmaster Forming in Vernon is your Okanagan concrete forming specialists, specializing in foundations, footings, walls, suspended slabs, and more. Serving Vernon, Kelowna, Okanagan, and all of BC. Give us a call today!


Experience stability at its best with our commercial building foundation services. With over a decade in the business, Gmaster Forming ensures that your commercial establishment stands on a solid base. Tailored for the specific needs of Western Canada, our commercial building foundations are robust, reliable, and ready to support your business growth.

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Your dream home deserves nothing but the best, starting from the ground up. At Gmaster Forming, we bring our extensive experience to lay the perfect foundation for new constructions. Serving the Okanagan region and beyond, our home foundation solutions are designed for durability, ensuring your home stands tall and proud for generations.

Expanding your living space? Let us fortify your vision. Gmaster Forming specializes in house addition foundations that seamlessly integrate with your existing structure. Our precision-driven approach guarantees a harmonious blend of old and new, providing the solid ground your addition requires.

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Elevate your landscaping with our concrete retaining walls. Not just a functional addition, our retaining walls are a blend of strength and aesthetics. Whether it’s for erosion control, creating usable land, or just an aesthetic uplift, Gmaster Forming crafts walls that stand firm against time and elements.

The unseen heroes of construction, concrete footings are essential for any structure’s longevity and stability. Gmaster Forming’s footings are meticulously designed and executed to bear the weight of your aspirations. Serving the entirety of BC, we ensure that every building starts on the right footing.

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Sturdy, resilient, and impeccable in finish – that’s what Gmaster Forming’s concrete walls promise. Be it for a residential home or a commercial establishment, our walls are constructed to offer optimum durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal. Trust us to erect barriers that resonate with quality.

Elevate your architectural endeavors with Gmaster Forming’s suspended slabs. Perfect for creating multi-level structures or unique design features, our suspended slabs are engineered for maximum strength and safety. Across Okanagan and beyond, we’ve been the trusted name for this specialized service, ensuring that your projects float above the ordinary.

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At Gmaster Forming, your project’s success is our pride. With over 15 years of expertise in concrete forming across Western Canada, we’re here to guide, assist, and execute with precision. Whether you’re in Vernon, Kelowna, Okanagan, or any part of BC, our team is ready to collaborate. Reach out today, and let’s lay the foundation for a lasting partnership.

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